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A long time coming

All my life

I’ve done all I could

To ground myself in…


Grasp this concept I couldn’t understand;

Shaved of bit by bit of my soul,

Hurt myself to feel rooted in,

When all I wanted to do was float away…

On my imagination

To places no one’s seen before

And no one else ever will.

Until one day, I realised that reality

Is a concept

Socially created to try and explain the…


… That is, the concept of existence.

And I did not fit in their pattern.

That day, weight lifted off,

I turned to bubbles of 

oxygenated happiness,

And I finally understood that reality

Is what I make of it,

And their “normality”

Is such a boring existence…

Sloths pity them.

So, I stand back and finally…


Get on my boat

Sit back and relax

Draw the curtains 

And see

What I’ve been craving to 

For so long…